Do you have money to lend?
Yes, we are a direct lender with capital available to immediately provide funding.FAQ_Green_Button

What type of loans do you fund?
Non-owner occupied, investment properties only,
single family residence, multifamily (up to 4 units), condos, townhouses, mixed use.

How quickly can you fund?
We can fund as fast as in 48 hours, but most loans take 4-7 business days.

There are a lot of direct, hard money lenders, what makes your company different?
We are not a big lender with a huge menu of products to offer. We are a small and specialized lender in New Jersey with a strong local knowledge, we work flexible hours and have simple and streamlined process.
As such we deliver sensible rates, we don’t charge any points upfront and no points at maturity. We have vested interest in our borrower’s success and hope to have longer term relationships with our clients.
We tell you our terms without fine print and we deliver it with no surprises.

Will you lend 100% of the project cost (Purchase+Rehab)?
No, we do not lend 100% of the project cost. We only lend up to 75% of purchase price and 75-80% of construction cost. We do not lend based on ARV, we lend based on cost only.

Can I get a loan with bad credit? Do you have minimum FICO Score?
We are a small lender and we are not restricted by lending policies that big banks have. We don’t have a minimum FICO score. We can and offered loans to borrowers with poor credit.

Do I need to have previous real estate investment experience?
We believe that previous experience is helpful. But it is not a requirement. We all started new ventures at some point, so we are happy to support aspired real estate entrepreneurs.

Do you offer construction/rehab loans?
Yes, we can offer construction loan as part of a purchase and construction package. We can also offer it on a stand alone basis but as long as we are a first lien holder.

Can a broker refer a client?
Yes, you can. Please give us a call to discuss our program and how we can work together.

Do you offer small personal loans?
No, we do NOT offer any personal loans at all. We only offer loans that are backed by real estate.