How the Process Works


How the Process Works

Step 1: Generic quote without any personal information.

For indicative, non-binding offer, we don’t need your personal information like DOB, howitworks
Social Security Number, personal address, etc. You
just need to fill out our short form with your
contact information and property specific details.
We will respond within 2-3 Hours. Please click on
this link for our feedback example.

Step 2: Moving forward with a deal

If the terms of our indicative offer are acceptable toyou and you are ready to proceed with the deal, please fill out the long application form. We will respond with a term sheet that will outline in plain English the terms of our loan and the next steps, conditions that need to be cleared and documentation and due diligence requirement.

Alternatively, we can meet at our office and discuss your loan situation before you fill out the application.

Step 3: Application process, due diligence, underwriting, approval and funding

Loan is passed to our underwriting team for personal and property due diligence. We will guide you through every step of this process to ensure timely submission of all required paperwork.
Borrower fills out full application form, pays fee for credit report, appraisal, title, title insurance and attorney fee for drafting the loan documentation.
Please note that we all these fees are third party and we receive NO commissions for these services. We negotiated heavy discounts with service providers as we are focused on achieving the lowest cost for our clients.
We are a flexible and a result oriented team and we can process and fund your loan within 48 hours.