Loan Program

Rate (APR) 9-12%
Points No Points
Purchase LTV 75% of purchase price. Can go up to 85% for qualified borrowers
Rehab LTV 75% of rehab cost. Can go up to 85% for qualified borrowers
Experience Prefered but not required
FICO Score No minimum FICO Score
Property Type SFR, Multifamily 2-6 units. Can go up to 40 units for qualified deals.
Occupancy Non-owner occupied only
Loan Size $100k-$5m
Extension Available
Term 12 months
Closing 3-7 days
Fees No Application or Underwriting fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a lender? Yes, we are a direct lender
Rate (APR)? 9-12%
Do you charge points? We do not charge points
What is total loan cost upfront? 3rd party fee around $1900
Please specify the loan fees? Legal and Documentation fee, Background and Criminal report, appraisal and wire fee
Do you charge for application? We do NOT charge application fee
Loan type? Non-owner occupied and investment properties strictly
What property fees do you charge? Single Family, 2-6 Units (can go up to 50 for specific situations), Condos
How fast can you fund? As little as 2-3 days, but typically 7 days
Purchase LTV? 75% of purchase price. Can go up to 85% for qualified borrowers
Rehab LTV? 75% of rehab cost. Can go up to 85% for qualified borrowers
LTV or ARV? We lend based on cost. We DO NOT lend on ARV basis
Do you offer 100% LTV? No, we don’t. We only finance up to 75% LTV
Do you allow 2nd liens on your loans? We do not allow 2nd lien with our loans
Do you cross-collaterize loans? Yes, we can cross colaterize existing loans to get higher LTV
Minimum FICO score? We do not have minimum FICO Score
Experience? Prefered but not required
Criminal background? Not allowed
Citizenship? Green Card Holder or US Citizen
Personal guarantees? Required
Do you offer loans to LLC? Yes, loan to LLC but with Personal Guarantees
Can you lend to individuals? Yes, but we do strongly prefer to lend to LLC
Personal loans? We do NOT offer any personal loans
Information required for underwriting? Tax returns, bank statements, real esate holdings, credit, background and criminal reports
Do you need appraisal? Yes, we do
Commerical Real Estate? We do NOT offer commercial real estate loans for offices, hotels, warehouses, etc.
Can a broker or another intermediary refer a client? Yes, you can. Please give us a call to discuss how we can work together